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On a Modern Movement [Criticisms]

by Abigail Van Kirk



Your tidy boxes

appall me.

I’ll revolt generalizations,
you would do well to take the

vile abundance back.
Suffocation under

your sick-sweet pink tongue,
and no wonder at the





She unnames them*,
causes discord stupidly,

animalistic intrigue and so much for progress—

discord as nameless irony for the rest of them.




I could make organized

chaos more beautiful.



*In reference to She Unnames Them by Ursula LeGuin. She Unnames Them is a feminist piece in which Eve undoes all the work Adam put into naming the animals, because she feels closer to them without labels.

Abigail Van Kirk is a student at Pikes Peak Community College and is majoring in English. Her horse Molly is her constant companion and keeps her creative. In turn she is inspired her to capture the cadences of life, from human nature to the nature surrounding her. Abigail's work has been published by US Represented, The Haiku Journal, Dirty Chai Magazine, and elsewhere.

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