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Founded in 2015 by Eric Allen Yankee and Alisa Hagerty-Miller,  

The Caravel Journal seeks to transcend and transgress the boundaries of conventional literature. Just as its namesake revolutionized travel, playing a pivotal role in coastal discovery, Caravel  strives to embody the spirit of expedition. Send us Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry and Visual Art that reimagines our realities — our quotidian. In exploring liminal spaces, we hope to amplify voices existing on the margins — voices which might otherwise go unheard. 

As of now, we plan on publishing bi-annually: once in the Fall and once in the Spring. If you are hoping to submit work for consideration, please refer to our Submissions page. Our response time ranges anywhere from three to four months — please refrain from querying before then. Because Caravel is largely a labor of love, we cannot afford to pay our contributors. We are working to change this.


We thank you for trusting us with your work  — it means the world to us. 

The Caravel Editorial Team

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