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Featured Poet: Matt Sedillo

Stolen labor, Stolen land






Fort Apache

Dirty Harry

John Wayne

Black face



Gone with the wind

Breaking bad

Washington Redskin

Confederate flag

The sword

The dollar

The cannon

The scholar

The cavalry

And the Ivy League

History as written by lightning

Is the rising smoke of burning village

The ways and means by which victors keep their victims

A frontier thesis

Some Notes on the State of Virginia



The Winning of the West

Lewis and Clark

Smith and Wesson

Now circle the wagon

With bloodshed and slave's sweat

The crack of the whip

The law of three fifths

The crowned republic of king cotton

The intended failures of reconstruction

The housing covenants

That greeted great migrations

And then did the same to the Mexicans

And poor Mexico so far from heaven

And so close to Monroe doctrine

To Davy Crockett

To prison industrial complex

A war on drugs

Is a war on our young

Bloody Christmas

Reefer madness

15 to life for four ounces

East Oakland

West Baltimore

South of La Brea

And Oliver North

Plymouth Rock


And the Rio Grande

Stolen labor

Stolen land


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