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Eric Allen Yankee | Founder, Co-Editor in Chief

Eric Allen Yankee is a poet and freelance writer. His poems appear in publications like Crab Fat Magazine, Vanilla Sex Magazine, Yellow Chair Review, The Good Men Project, The People's Tribune, and more. His work has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize. His chapbook RIOT is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. His second chapbook American Bullet will be out later this year through Atomic Theory Micro Press (December 2017).

Nicolás López | Co-Editor in Chief

Nicolás López is a 22-year-old Colombian writer who just finished majoring in literature at Los Andes University where he worked at Perifrasis, Revista de Literatura, Teoría y Crítica. He has received prizes for his poetry and short fiction from the Autonomous University at Cali.

Since he can remember, he developed a deep and inexplicable love for the English language, to read and think in it. He aspires to articulate a voice that reconciles sound and image while still saying something slightly significant about our current chaos. He tweets @njlopez_

Dami Andonova | Chief Creative Strategist 

Dami Andonova comes to Caravel with a background in narrative medicine, investigative journalism, and strategic planning. An alumna of the social justice minded Brandeis University, she will work with the editorial board to guide the strategic and creative direction of the journal. Andonova has been published in Wander, Stanford's Medicine 25, and Stephanie Meyer's anthology "Bullying Under Attack." 

Andonova is a member of the Association for Healthcare Journalists, the American Medical Writers Association, and the American College of Healthcare Executives. 

Jasmine Cui | Intern

Jasmine Cui is 18 years old and majoring in Political Science, Economics, and Chemistry. Jasmine found the courage to pursue writing when she was 17. Since then, her work has been nationally recognized by the Gedenk Foundation and the Scholastic Awards. She has been twice nominated for Bettering American Poetry in addition to Best New Poets. She is the Founder of The Ellis Review


She is not a mentee, not a Foyle Young Poet, not a Presidential Scholar (and this is not to say you can't be those things), but she is still every bit a writer. And you are too. @notamathlete


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