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Haiku Series: Fairy Tale Stereotypes

by Mackenzie Hurlbert

Princess 101

You are a princess

if you pucker-up to frogs

and groan about peas.


Prince Charming

Your man’s “the one” if

he rides a white horse and wears

a flashy helmet.


Eve and the Evil Queen

All children know that

an apple and a woman

are best avoided.

Mackenzie Hurlbert is a writer, dog fanatic, nature enthusiast, and travel addict. When she’s not reading, writing, or playing with her dogs, she enjoys eating mashed potatoes and crocheting tortoise cozies for her Russian tortoise Sascha. Mackenzie graduated from Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT with a degree in English, creative writing, and journalism, and she has been published in The Gambler, Five2One, Folio Art and Literary Magazine, Fresh Ink Literary Magazine, We Walk Invisible short story anthology by Chupa Cabra House Publishing, and Radical Dislocations by Chupa Cabra House Publishing. 

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