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Featured Poet: G.P.A.




Plane, bus, train, or automobile.  Morning, noon, evening, or night.  Dinner, breakfast, lunch, or in-betweens.  Just meet me.


Put everything in the rear view mirror of vehicle and mindset.  Fathom nothing that would deter pleasurable path.  Allow cleansing throughout to prepare you.  Just meet me.

The sandy shores of Maui would welcome us sipping Mai Tais and dining on grilled swordfish.  Lobster, lighthouses, and the various bed and breakfasts seek our presences to enhance them.  And Chicago, sweet home Chicago, would grant me opportunity to play host and guide to show you the inner workings of the best city in the world.  Just meet me.


Care not whether Chanel, something off the rack, or nothing at all.  Rather you not be made up, okay, lip gloss works.  Bring you, that radiant glow called a smile, and an expansive mind.  And just meet me.








My Constant Companion (Without Her)



at night and on nights like this, loneliness sits next to me she rubs my bald head gropes me freely with no discretion tells me that I am the only woman that I need to be with. that she will always be here…for me

when i play love songs, she laughs and gropes even more furiously than before. mockingly, she sings the songs off key as i it were drunken karaoke night. scary is that I am beginning to believe her as i finish the above line, she nods at my acquiescence, and says that she wants to be alone with me…


From The Warmest Winter


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